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Jibbing is all about freestyle, Jibbing means a snowboarding slang to the ride rails, tables, trees, etc. The thing about jibbing is what is used for jibbing, mainly for jibbing you use all natural elements like tree stumps or rocks and things like that. You also can use rails and boxes, jibbing is all about balance. I mean snowboarding is all about balance but when you get past turning and learning and want to move on to the cool things, then is requires so much more balance. Like doing a board slide on a 1 inch wide pole on a down hill slant. It seems so cool but guess what! It’s way harder then it looks cause you have to keep so much balance on your way down. Because if you don’t have that balance you will either slide off or completly fall (not fun). But when you learning those type of things you will fall its not like you gonna get it on you first try!

Another word you may use for jibbing is grinding, but they are not the same exact thing see grinding is when your board hits medal and makes a sound like a 2 medals “grinding” together.

So grinding is more commenly said when involving rails instead of natural elements. Jibbing can be dangerous at times if you have never hit that element before, like say you want to a 3 of a stump, you might want to take it a little more easy like straight airing it until you know how to land it, or not even hitting the element at first so you can see the landing and then coming back up and doing the 3.

*Backside* And *frontside*

The difference from Backside and Frontside is that, in frontside you have more stabilty because you are using your front foot.

When you are doing back side you are hitting the element switch (or with your back foot foward instead of your front foot.)

Peace, love, and snowboarding!


How to wax your snowboard

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Waxing you snowboard can be a pain at times, but its worth it cause when you wax correctly you can have a perfect snowboard and it feels so good!

Here’s a video on how to wax your snowboard.

Yes they do make some food during this video but that is an example on how long it will take for you to brush out your board. If you compete for snowboarding it is a very good idea to wax your board. Or even if you don’t compete but you just love to snowboard well then you should also wax so you get all the experience and its just more fun and smooth. When you waxing make sure that there are no little kids around (mainly because the iron is really hot and it is easy to burn yourself if your not careful! Waxing can get really annoying and if you really don’t want to wax there are usually stores at your mountain or somewhere near your mountain. 

There are all different kinds of wax. Like ones for..

Cold weather

Warm weather

All weather

For the first 20 feet of your run

For half pipe

For freestyle in general

And much much more

Peace, Love, And snowboarding!


Learning to snowboard. Learning to snowboard is not the easiest thing you will ever do in your life!

But how I learned was from many different people with many different teaching skills don’t ask me why but all I know is if you learn how to turn 3 different way instead of one way you kind of come up with you own type of way to turn with a mix of all three of those ways.

Another thing it don’t trust any one with you snowboard at the very beginning, like what I mean is don’t have you dad set up your stance if he doesn’t know what hes doing! Go to a professional groomer or someone who does know what there doing like a family friend or anything of that sort.  If you don’t have the correct stance then it will be much MUCH harder then if you have a correct stance and it feels normal.

One of the most important things you HAVE to remember is A HELMET!! Trust me I have fallen so many times getting of the chair life, going switch, doing tricks, really anything. A helmet can save your life! For example when I was younger (when I was learning!) I was getting off the lift and caught my front edge and went down kinda hard but not only that but what I was about to get up the chair behind me came up and hit me in the back of the helmet. Now see if I wasn’t wearing a helmet that day… Well then I could have gotten really hurt! But I was lucky that one I had my helmet and two because there was no one on the chair behind me and my family. But see what if this happens to you and you DON’T have a helmet and there ARE people on the chair behind you. You can never risk it because some one can get really really hurt!

Okay there’s more, stopping in the middle of the trail. NEVER EVER DO THAT!! mainly when you about to sit down or your under a hill, jump, ect. See if you do that there will be other people on the trail and they will be coming down the middle and will be going fast! It’s not fun getting your back smashed into by a person going 30 miles an hour!

One more! MAKING SURE EVERYTHING FITS!! Trust me if somethings to big or to small like your boots board or bindings!! It can get really dangerous! And very very scary! You will probably be ending up walking down the mountain holding you snowboard then actually getting the chance to snowboard!

See people there are more, but I think you get my point! The only reason I’m “yelling” is cause so many things have happened to me and things will happen to you but your a little more lucky if you know a little more on what your doing. I’m only trying to keep you and the other people on the mountain save!

Peace, Love, And snowboarding!


Vew-Do Balance boards

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A Vew-do board is a lot like a skate board, but instead of 4 wheels on the bottem the is only one big one in the middle (see picture) Why I bring up the Vew-do board is the Vew-do board actually can really help you in snowboarding (mainly for freestyle) See for snowboarding you need alot of balance and if you don’t have balance you are sure to fall. So if you have a Vew-do board to work on your balance then it is way easier to snowboard. Imagine if you had to ride a Snurfer! Then you would be much happy about having really good balance. As you can see by the video.. You can do tricks on the Vew-do board. It is hard but its really fun to do. I’m not trying to sell them. All I’m saying is that they can help you skills with snowboarding but also can trampolines and just being dedicated.

Peace, love and snowboarding!


The Snurfer!

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the-snurferThe first snowboard ever made doesn’t even have a name! It was made in 1929 and all it was, was a plank of plywood and either a clothes line or a horse rein. It wasn’t until 1965 when Sherman Poppen an anoyed father set to work on the Snurfer! (See picture on left side)

Snurfer is a mix of Surfer and Snow.

See why Sherman was so anoyed is because his kids never had anything to do on a snow day besides lay down and be lazy!! He hated it. So he made the Snurfer! The snurfer was quite simple actually it was 2 children skis put together and and a cord put in for balance. Soon all the kids on his block were begging for a snurfer them selfs! 6 months later the snurfer was patented and a manufacturer started to mass produce them. Nothing else but the vague memory of an uncontrollable toy stayed in most people’s minds. See most people would just think of the snurfer as a childs toy and not something more seriose like a sport or more like it is now!

Jake Burton, a 23-year-old student back then, was completely into snurfing and kept on improving the toy,

In order to develop it into a real sporting good. “Foot traps” for better control, and for more stability…
Jake  Burton was always looking for new things to improve his riding. In 1977, he decided to create his own store (or company)  in Vermont. Starting with a small edition of “snowboards”, easy bendable wooden planks with water ski bindings, the small turnover due to the so called “high” price of $38.00 didn’t look like this might be one of the biggest winter sport revolutions on our mountains, and the base for the biggest snowboard company today!!

1_1Peace, Love, and snowboarding!



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